Levy Animal Friends, Inc

Turning a New LeAF for the animals of levy county

Shelter Improvement


We currently serve Levy County Animal Services and the City of Williston

Since we started in 2012 we have filled the following needs and found funding for the following facilities

Most current facility project includes the Williston Community Animal Shelter

We are currently in the final fundraising and ground breaking phases of this $300,000 building project.  Visit us on Facebook at Williston Animal Shelter for more current posts or view our Williston Shelter page for details.

Levy County Dog Kennel Building

Fund raising complete, now in the building stages. Having turned the remainder of this project to Levy County Construction, this  50 kennel climate controlled facility will be equipped with guillotine style doors and outdoor runs. Along with more modern facilities for our Levy dogs care and keeping. Watch for the grand opening coming in the fall of 2019! Another $300,000 project. Levy County invested $50,000.

Levy County Cat Room

This was a tremendous improvement of the open air shed and the hosed cages. Led by LeAF, this  cat room can house up to 50 cats and kittens, fully climate controlled with a visiting and quarantine room. This was a $16,000 project, six of which provided by the county. Since this room has been built, Levy County has not euthanized any healthy adoptable cats!

Many other smaller projects have included:

At Levy County Animal Services: Vaccines, medicines, tests, microchips. Outdoor visit area including the roof over,  surgical supplies, med packs and some equipment in the new operating room. Commercial washing machine and dryer. Beds for all the existing 48 kennels and more.... Since we started, we've help create an environment that has forces the county to increase their budget for many items and we now fulfill needs based upon requests made by animal services.  To date nearly $30,000!

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