Levy Animal Friends, Inc

Turning a New LeAF for the animals of levy county

Rescue Resource

Acknowledge and Network

We help rescues by bringing them into our network which includes other rescues, veterinary practices, service providers and businesses. 

Shelter Relief

We monitor Levy County Animal Services and when the kennel begin to fill up, we offer to reimburse the pull fees for rescues who can help make space at the county facility and work to avoid killing for space.

Feed Assistance

 We collect and pass on donations of feed to rescues and fosters. We have also been able to assist elderly pet owners when they are in financial need. 

Community Events & Education

We make every attempt to attend events throughout Levy County to meet the people and educate the community regarding the care and well being of our counties pets. 

Rescue Resource Donations

You can help rescues by donating to us. You may also earmark donations for particular rescues who are in need