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Turning a New LeAF for the animals of levy county


The purpose of LeAF is to provide education and support on the topics of animal care, spay/neuter, animal cruelty and general animal welfare.  The mission of LeAF is to encourage humane care and treatment to all animals.  Additionally, LeAF is to provide rescue, foster care, adoptions and/or the placement of animals that LeAF or it's related rescue groups, rescue from any animal facility within Levy County, Florida. 

Funds we raise will be used to directly facilitates the needs of rescue animals. 

What we do in levy county, florida

Kitty Kontrol Programs


Our Levy County Spay/Neuter Program Starts now!

Shelter Improvement Programs


Levy County & Williston currently underway!

Rescue Resource Programs


Supporting the rescue groups improves the quality of life for the animals they care for!


kim smith memorial reeling for rescue fishing tournament

What's it all about?

In 2015, Kim Smith started the first Reeling for Rescue Fishing tournament, with the goal to raise funds for one of her hearts desires. Animal Rescue! Specifically Levy County where she spent enough time to see how  dramatic the needs were. Seeing thousnads of animals euthenized and rescue people to everything possible with limited resources. Our deepest love, respect and regrets extend for the loss of Kim, David and Hunter! We agreed unanimously to continue her mission to raise funds for shelter and spay & neuter to reduce the overwhelming population of animals neglected, abandoned and abused. All who knew her, knew this must go on.  We will forever remember your work and life Ms. Kim.  We believe you'll watch over this mission from your special place in heaven.  Thank you!! nt

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