Reeling for Rescue Rules & Regulations


1. Registration - Each person on the boat must be entered in the tournament. No non-competitors are allowed on the boat during the competition hours with the exception of children.

2. Rules - The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules for size and catch limits for the State of Florida and any other jurisdiction that may have regulations in effect within the tournament waters. Any state or federal law that conflicts with these rules shall override these rules. All anglers are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules of the tournament and by the state and federal laws governing fishing in this tournament. All fish must be caught and weighed-in on the tournament day, during the tournament hours designated. Fish must be caught in a sporting manner using a rod and a reel. No spear fishing is allowed. Live & artificial baits are allowed. Boats may not come together with other boats during tournament hours, nor may they dock during tournament hours except in the case of an emergency or for fuel.

3. Hours of Competition - Tournament fishing hours are from safelight until weigh-in at 3:00 PM on Saturday, April 14, 2018. All fishing must stop and anglers in line ready to weigh-in at 3:00 PM. Only those anglers in line and ready to weigh-in at 3:00 PM will be weighed in. Weigh in will open at 2p those who feel confident and want to dock early. Weigh-in may be discussed at the Captain’s Meeting & extended at the discretion of the tournament committee.

4. Tournament Weigh-In - Fish will be weighed-in at Sea Hag Marina. Fish must be brought to the dock by boat and must be weighed-in by the angler that caught the fish. Only fish caught during tournament hours are eligible for weigh-in. NOTE: Each angler will be allowed to weigh in their largest redfish, largest trout, and/or redfish with the most spots.

5. Eligible Species - Redfish and Speckled Trout

All fish must be of legal size and caught in a sporting manner by a registered tournament angler. The Tournament Rules Committee reserves the right to inspect a fish both internally and externally. Any fish that contains unnatural materials, or that has been mutilated in any way will be disqualified. Alteration or mutilation of one fish in your catch will disqualify your entire catch.

6. Sportsmanship - All contestants are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner throughout the event. Unruly conduct or un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate disqualification without refund.

7. Tournament Schedule

-Friday Night April 13th

Registration 5p-7p Registration & Finger Food Buffet

7p-8p Captains Meeting & Raffles

Docktail Party, Corn Hole Tournament

& Live Entertainment

8p-close at Who Dat Bar & Grill

- Saturday, April 14th

Tournament, Weigh-In Safelight AM - 3p & Awards Ceremony 4p Sea Hags Marina

Docktail Party, Corn Hole Tournament & Live Entertainment Featuring “Middle Ground”  8p-close at Who Dat Bar & Grill

(Anglers must be present at the awards ceremony to receive their awards unless otherwise approved by tournament director.)

8. Awards


Angler awards are presented as follows:

1st Place Largest Red Fish          $500.00                 1st Place Largest Trout $500.00

2nd Place Largest Red Fish         $350.00                2nd Place Largest Trout $350.00

3rd Place Largest Red Fish          $200.00               3rd Place Largest Trout $200.00

Red Fish with most spots            $300.00

All cash awards will be made to the tournament entrant unless otherwise approved by tournament director.

9. Ties - In the event of a tie, the prizes for the two places that have tied will be combined together and divided between the two who have tied. The order will be weight first and then length.

Example: Two fish with the exact weight and length would be a tie for first place; prize money for first and second combined and split equally between the two that have tied. No award presented for 2nd place. In the event of a tie for third position, first and second received normal award, the two tying for third shall divide the third place awards equally.

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