Our Approach

The reason we exist is simple

Levy County, Florida, is a largely rural community filled with farmland, open fields and lots of woods for the hunting enthusiasts. Additionally, Levy County is among Florida counties with a high number of unemployed and low-income residents.

There are several reasons why our pet over-population occurs:
· Low-income families may not be able to afford to spay or neuter their pets.
· Some owners deliberately choose to breed their pet, but may not adequately plan for the number of puppies or kittens
· Feral/wild dog and cat populations can be challenging to manage.

In any circumstance an entire litter or only a few born of a litter might find themselves a patron of the Levy County Animal Shelter. Levy County Animal Services is a "euthanization" shelter which means that animals are euthanized when the shelter is full.

It is our goal to assist the shelter in day to day animal care needs that the county can not budget for, reduce the cost to rescues to pull these animals and finally help insure as few animals are put down as possible.

Our Story

Levy Animal Friends was established in 2012.  Members of the rescue community at that time identified a dramatic decline in the rescue operations serving Levy County, an on-going deficit of funding by the county for services and believed something needed to be done. Starting out as a community task force, this group built and grew what we are today.  A county wide support for rescue, lost & found pets and filling the gap for the abandoned, abused and neglected pets in Levy County.

Join Our Board of Directors

We are always interested in hearing from citizens, rescue staff and professionals to fill key roles in our group.  Volunteer Today!!