Shelter Medical

Help Fund Vaccines, Tests, Medications, Microchips

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Spay & Neuter

Help Fund spay and neuter through several programs in our efforts

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Shelter Improvements

Help Fund improvements like the kennel upgrades, dog beds, shade and many other needs.

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LeAF has been actively raising funds and networking services in Levy County since our inception in 2012. We assist the neglected, abused and abandoned cats and dogs by our direct funding for their needs as they pass through Levy County Animal Services. We provide vaccines, tests medications and microchips; Operating Room supplies and equipment;  Spay & Neuter for rescues who pull these kids at times of great need!!; transportation,  fuel cards and other support to rescue operation. We’ve also started building an emergency Medical fund and a bottle feeding program as well. 

In 2016, we facilitated the funding for a new cat room at Levy County Animal Services, Our 2017 work includes assisting the City of Williston in building a new Animal Services Facility and we have started the ball rolling for a new facility for Levy County within the next 5 years!  Thank you all for your on-going support of our efforts.


There are many ways you can help, the first step is to let us know your ready!